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''.....the rich subtlety of Karim Said's pianism in Berg's 1925 chamber concerto.'' Shirley Apthorp, Financial Times

‘'..there was no mistaking the shape he gave to the music, the interpretative ingenuity and mischievous wit, and I came away wanting to hear more'' Norman Lebrecht

''..a born communicator...'' The Independent

''... accomplished musicianship complemented a perfectly judged reading of a notoriously tricky score.''

The Guardian


‘'Said is impressive technically, but even more so in that he makes what he plays flow naturally, as if it just "is". Hard to explain. I was close enough to watch his fingers, unexpectedly delicate, fly across the keys. No flamboyant bravura, rather an effortless elegance and grace.'' Classical Iconoclast

‘'Said seemed very much to have the measure of Berg's ambivalent - or should that be dialectical - style, his position between late Romanticism and modernity. There was some truly'' Seen and Heard International

‘'...fearless virtuosity'' Musical

‘'...when Said reached the first-movement cadenza (Mozart's own), he found a poise that was revealing and carried it through to the Adagio, here rapt and sublime.''

‘'Karim Said was the assured piano soloist, allying clear and robust articulation with an intelligence of phrasing way beyond his years'' Intermezzo