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Beethoven Piano and Winds Quintet op 16

Mozart Concerto K415

Schumann Piano Quintet

Edward Longstaff - Patriot

Stravinsky Soldier's Tale

Schoenberg: Ode to Napoleon'

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Since its founding in late 2013, Da Vinci Players' performances have explored repertoire ranging from Mozart Piano Concertos to a World Premier by Edward Longstaff, mostly, though not exclusively, through music with the keyboard at its core. They enjoy the support of such patrons as Jenny Agutter and formed a partnership with the London School of Economics' literature and drama department for a joint performance of ‘The Soldier's Tale' by Stravinsky.

A  highlight from this season's repertoire is Schoenberg's ‘Ode to Napoleon' which was directed from the keyboard at a private event at the Solti Residence - London. It was part of the programme ‘Disillusion and Betrayal' which started with a reading of Lord Byron's poem Ode to Napoleon (by William Sieghart CBE) and included a rarely performed piano quintet by Byron's contemporary, the composer John Field.

*Our next performance is on 18th March 2017 near Hastings in the UK.


Unlike many ensembles that play without a traditional conductor, the majority of Da Vinci Players' performances are led from the keyboard by Karim Said. Although it is common for conductors to direct from the keyboard occasionally, Da Vinci Players pride themselves in being members of a rare breed of democratically run ensembles who are dedicated to musical direction from the keyboard as an art form in itself. Their repertoire includes a wide range of chamber and small ensemble music by such composers as Boulez, Charpentier, Field, Boyce, Kraus, Rameau and Schoenberg, as well as mainstream classical music.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest polymaths in history; taking his quest for knowledge and promotion of beauty in art as their main sources of inspiration, Da Vinci Players have so far presented events exploring such themes as the First World War Through Female Poets of the day with music by Edward Longstaff, House and Chamber Music as Genres through Wagner's Siegfried Idyll, Schumann's Piano Quintet and Mozart's own arrangement of the concerto K415 for piano quintet, and a celebration of the diversity and richness of Vienna's Musical Heritage through Haydn, Mozart and Berg at the Royal Overseas League, London

Da Vinci Players are a society of London based musicians who are connected to perform at events involving between 5 and 25 players per event, depending on its particular theme and its repertoire.


Vanessa Redgrave
Jenny Agutter
Lady Solti
Christopher Nupen
Dimitri Alexeev
Sir Norman Rosenthal
Alison Cox OBE
Raymond Holden
Marshal Marcus